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The difference between an exhausting, frustrating six-figure business and an effective, relaxed seven-figure one is BUSINESS LEADERSHIP.

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Why Is This Important to you?

Never in history was it so easy to start a company, yet never was true leadership as critical as it is today in order to make it successful. The 21st century started as the are of self-empowerment and employees and clients alike seek leaders to follow and do business with.

Do you have what it takes? The good news is that it is learnable.

In Business Leadership Certification you will complete three tracks of training:


Business Strategies

The strategies that brought your business to where it is today will NOT take it to the next level.

To expand, you must use new strategies. Strategies to get you to your next level strategies to sustain the health of the company during time of growth And strategies to manage the new complexity of life in a larger organization.

At the Business Leadership Certification we create together the nexy set of strategies to bring you and your business to the next level.


Mindset Fitness

The growth of your business is limited by your own personal growth.

To successfully grow your company, you must grow, and that never happens in isolation.

At the Business Leadership Certification you become a high performer at life and leadership.

You grow together with peers who run their own businesses and face the same challenges. They understand your growing pains and help you through the process.


Sales Techniques

Bigger clients require a different style in sales. The style that you used with a small business owner will not work when you talk to a CFO or a COO of a larger company.

More clients may require that you change your style of marketing and sales. You must systematize both to better utilize your time, and you may want to hire sales staff, too.

At the Business Leadership Certification you train in advanced sales and management techniques that are appropriate for the next evolution stage of your business.

What You'll Learn

Each of the tracks you will learn has its own curriculum, designed to intertwine and create a complete picture

During the one year program, you will learn:


Business Planning and Growth Management.

Improvement is done via monitoring your performance and planning your implementation. You will become a consistent implementer of business systems curated for their proven success.


Understanding people and motivation.

People take action emotionally. You will become enrolling and magnetic leader, motivating your team (and yourself) and inspiring clients to follow and do business with you!


Whole Life management.

Do not get sucked into enslaving your life to your business. Design your business to be in service to your life.

You will create that balance that is so missing from the life of the typical small business owner. No more guilt about ignoring the family while you work and guilt about not working when you are with the family.

Program Features

The Business Leadership Certification program is built with unparalleled features,

designed for you and the success of your company!


Quarterly offsite retreat laced with MasterMind and Breakthrough materials ($3,000 value)


New Curriculum every month designed to incrementally increase your skills over time. ($1,000 value)


Weekly accountability check-ins to ensure that you are on-track and implementing ($2,500 value)


Business plan creation and monitoring ($2,500 value)


Personal Leadership Full Life Plan encompassing all areas of life

($2,500 value)


Personality Style training with exercises designed for implementation in sales and management ($1,200 Value)


Goal Setting and Time Management System ($2,000 value)


One-on-one jumpstart onboarding call to get you started with momentum ($500 value)


We went FULL-OUT to give you access to thousands and thousands of Dollars worth of bonuses and access to James and Yoram, to ensure your complete success!


Access to the Systems, Template and Statement of Work Vault, saving you time and money ($5,000 value)


Access to private website containing reading, exercises and more ($1,000 value)


Subscription to Kernan Weekly Consulting Tips ($75 value)


Compensation and Budget Review

($1,750 value)


Access to the Business Library and all sessions recordings ($2,000 value)


Access to James Kernan and Yoram Baltinester ($20,000 value)


Daily motivational messages to get you to start your day with positive energy

($100 value)

What Our Clients Are Saying

Gagan Sarkaria, MFA, MBA

Founder and CEO of Unfold Your Success™

"Yoram Baltinester is an impactful and results-oriented coach. I have known Yoram for almost a year now and have had the opportunity to observe and learn from his exhilarating and experiential Mastermind groups! He is one of my “go-to” colleagues, whose trusted, honest, authentic expert advice I truly care to seek, understand and apply. One session with Yoram, gave me the confidence to make some powerful shift in my thinking, and make decisions that could change my life. One of the decisions was to officially launch my elite training & development company and take myself and my business to new heights. What I understood from Yoram’s wisdom was that sometimes we have to take a different course or route to get to our definitive purpose in life, whether it is uplifting and empowering others as a CEO or as a daughter, wife, and a mother.”

Nicholas Ugoalah

5 times Canadian Wresting Champion; Member of Canada’s Wrestling Hall of Fame

"I've known Yoram for three years and every time we connect be it in a live meeting or online I always walk away with a breakthrough! I can say last year I had one of my biggest breakthroughs in my personal life thanks to him.”

Lisa Broderick

Managing Partner, Conversus group, LLC

“Working with Yoram for over the past year, I have gotten such a clear understanding of my value and high level promise that my business has completely transformed as a result. Thank you Yoram for your clarity and push to action which were so much a part of my professional transformation!”

Aly McFarlane

Benchmark Information Technology

”Working with James Kernan is has been one the best business decisions we have ever made. His experience and depth of knowledge are outstanding. Our business development has accelerated beyond our expectations. We expect to at least double revenue in the next year, largely due to his input.”

David Jordan

Pacific Computer Consultants

“The insight from someone who has actually been there and done it AND can provide the nitty gritty details on topics ranging from HR to vendor management is invaluable. This kind of “in the trenches” intelligence is invaluable to someone like me who hates re-inventing the wheel and would rather replicate what has worked for others!”

Kenneth Dubs

Dubs & Associates

“James is the kind of person and business owner we all hope we can find when we want to find an honest trustworthy reverent human being. James started as a client and has become a close family friend. James does what he say’s he will do and more which is refreshing in today’s business world. His commitment to friends, family and business is very apparent once you have worked with James. It does not take long to realize he is honest and exudes integrity!”

How We Work

The Business Leadership Certification program is a hands-on 13 months journey that develops you into a true business leader so you can see the results show in your business while learning.

Top of the line curriculum

Our carefully curated curriculum allows you to better understand who you are, what you stand for and believe in, process through your blind spots and then create a leadership persona that you will embody. You will determine who you will become and how you will show up as a leader that clients and employees like to follow.

Mastermind and monthly learning

Growing together in a group of dedicated professionals who are committed to their own growth and to each other has unparalleled power. Not only will you grow personally, you will acquire life-long friends.


Information without implementation is the shortcut to frustration and failure. Yet, many time we cut corners and fail to apply our knowledge. No more! Our accountability hive system ensures consistent high-performance execution and course correction until you hit your goals!

About Business Leadership Certification Leaders

James Kernan is the author and co-founder of, The Millionaire Mastermind Peer Groups, the 36 Month Millionaire Program, and recently published book, Leadership Essentials for Successful Executives and Business Tips.   

For the past 12 years, James has served as a Principal Consultant for Kernan Consulting and provides Coaching, Advising and Mentoring programs to entrepreneurs and leaders.  Kernan Consulting offers One on One Coaching, Peer Groups and online training programs. 

CRN Magazine said that he is "a rising star executive to watch.” And when you review his 25+ year track record of creating dazzling leaps in sales, profits, and growth for IT companies, you don’t need to wonder why. His sales teams have sold over 1 billion dollars in technology goods and services over his career.

For more information on the company please visit: or call: 888.VAR.COACH

Yoram Baltinester has helped thousands of people all over the world to increase their personal, family and business performance and contribute more to their communities and the world.

Combining multiple platforms that he learnt during their 30 plus years in personal development Yoram created multiple programs such as Decisive Action Workshop™ and LifeDesign™, as well as the High Performance Life™ mentoring program.

Yoram has been dubbed "the Personal Development Samurai" due to his fast, fierce and focused coaching sessions.

Yoram’s coaching sessions inspire and motivate people to embrace and express their inherent brilliance for both their own benefit and the greater good of others.

For more information on the company please visit: or call: 858.356.6751


Flexible Schedules

Most of the program is done on your own schedule as you implement and work on personal assignments.


Personal Coaching

James and Yoram are available to provide personal coaching feedback and help with situations that arise at work.


Innovative Ideas

Being a business leader in the 21st century is a lot different than what it used to be just a few years ago. Innovation and personal differentiation are key in today's market, and this course give you that edge.


Proven Methods

Both James and Yoram grew and sold MSP businesses using the exact same methods and learning that you will experience at BLC.

"After less than 2 weeks of purchasing your kit, I have made a giant leap forward in my business to strengthen our relationship with arguably the most important vendor to a SMB VAR. Thank You from the bottom of my heart!"

-Tony Snider, RTS Computer Services

Get started today so you can start

seeing results!